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Fonterra Foodservice – Battle of the Pacific – Final Wrap

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Australia, 12th October 2015

The Inaugural Fonterra Foodservice Battle of the Pacific held during The Australian Culinary Challenge at Fine Foods Australia this week culminated Wednesday night with Western Australian Gold medal winners being crowned Champion Team. Gwyn Ellis, Iari Prassi & Sophie Cornes from Clarkes of North Beach were presented their trophies & prizes by Jeff Dhu Food Service Director of Fonterra Foodservice the principal sponsors of the event. The ACF are proud of our long standing relationship with Fonterra Foodservice & the support from their team has been instrumental in the development of this competition.

 This new title for the competition was hotly contested by 8 regional Australian teams as well as Pacific region teams 3 from New Zealand and 1 from Vanuatu. Three teams went head to head each day preparing & serving meals to guests that included sponsors, industry professionals, team supporters & the jury that consisted not only of kitchen judges Michael Strautmanis, Anita Sarginson (NZ Chefs Ambassador) & Matt McBain but included each day 9 secret taste judges throughout the restaurant.

Michael “As a first competition of this magnitude and inventiveness it was an outstanding success and a firm foundation to keep building onto this concept. My congratulations to all of the participants, the spirit of the competition was outstanding”

 Using mandatory ingredients from the Fonterra Foodservice range teams displayed great use and diversity of product. The rest of the pantry list was donated by generous sponsors Bidvest, Mastercut meats, Gourmand Providor, Nestle Professional, Petuna & Krio Krush. An interesting blend of techniques, menu descriptions and elements on the plate were the order of the competition as was the high level of skill that is always present when international teams cross our shores.

Judges “All the teams clearly demonstrated that products of such high quality provided a great influence on the dishes”

 The Australian Culinary Federation wishes to express our sincere gratitude to all sponsors of The Australian Culinary Challenge their generous contributions have helped make our vision for this competition a reality.





South Australia                    Lorenc Dylgjeri, Takuma Yoneoka & Jerome Poret



ACT                                        Daren Tetley, Corey Pont & Jasmine Sawa

NSW   JUNIOR                    Hou Chin Tang, Alex Kim Jiang Tan & Armesia Erwanto

Vanuatu                               Andy Abel, Precilla Bakeo & Roslyne Tari                      



Victoria 1                              Leslie Chan, Tom Brockbank & Jessica Sewell

Auckland 1                           David Schofield, John Kelleher & Daniel Heslewood

Victoria 2                              Trevor Jenkins, Andrew Ballard & Annie Lao

Auckland 2                           William Mordido, Jeremy Schmid & Kristy Tse

Tasmania                             Michel Norton, Craig Wills & Brigid Mallett



In 3rd place for Fonterra Foodservice Restaurant Challenge 2015



Ken O Connell, Corey Hume & Blaike Haines


In 2nd place Fonterra Foodservice Restaurant Challenge



Matt Weller, Matt Breis & Young Hak Ho


Champion Team Fonterra Foodservice Restaurant Challenge 2015



Gwyn Ellis, Iari Prassi & Sophie Cornes



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