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First Vanuatu Agritourism Festival is a success!

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Vanuatu, 21st November 2016


Over four months of planning the Agritourism Event in promoting food to plate with Vanuatu best Organic & Natural products in the Country we are finally here.

Chef Tyrone Mann worked closely with Agritourism Committee Task Force to drive this new calendar event which has been set now as a yearly event.

Through the event the Vanuatu Chef’s cooked 100% Vanuatu Dish for the event & the turnout was amazing people were lining up everywhere & asking many question & tasting the sample foods which were on offer. It was a great event to showcase Vanuatu foods in ways the local people have never seen before & only using local products.

We also used this time to promote Our New Committee Team


David Holiday

Vice President

Kandy Tamagushiku


Kelly Phillips

Vanuatu Young Chef’s Club

Chris Bullz

Committee Member

Tyrone Mann

Committee Member

Rollyne Liu

Committee Member

Rob Smillie

Committee Member

Blake Cropp

Vanuatu Chef Team

Alick Able

Vanuatu Chef Team

Bill Leonardo

Vanuatu Chef Team


Committee Member

Aden Wilson

Throughout the event we sold food items as a small fundraiser for the Vanuatu Chef’s & Food Handlers Association, in the push for sending Chefs to the Next Worldchef Congress & Expo in 2018 Malaysia. We made close to 500AUD before cost which is a great starting point for our last event for the year.

Origin once again our main sponsor for the event suppling all our gas & equipment needs & education the locals on the health benefits of using gas than fire wood with in the communities. We will also be working on a project with Origin & communities in training how to use the equipment & show some new styles for cooking clean & healthy foods.

Melanesian Hotel for support with all equipment & food for all demonstrations.

Rollyne Liu APTC representative & all the wonderful APTC students.

All Staff from the below resorts giving their time for the event.


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