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Feed the Planet backs culinary training for teenagers from orphanages in Moscow

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Russia, 06th September 2018

Feed the Planet backs culinary training for teenagers from orphanages in Moscow


The first graduates of the Feed the Planet culinary training on sustainable cooking for youth leaving orphanages in Moscow, are now ready to pursue a career in the professional culinary world.

 This initiative builds on the ongoing Feed the Planet Culinary Training for the Unemployed program in Curitiba, Brazil launched last year by Worldchefs, together with Electrolux & AIESEC


Transitioning to independent life can be an ordeal for orphans in Russia. Every year 6,000 teenagers leave their orphanages behind, and only 10% of them are able to provide for themselves or find a job. The “I’m a chef” (Ya’Shef)project is helping some of them with culinary training on sustainable cooking, and valuable life skills, such as learning how to work in a team, start a business or pursue an education in a culinary college.


The project is a collaboration between Worldchefs, the Electrolux Food Foundation, AIESEC & the National Association of Culinary Specialists of Russia and the local “Big Brothers, Big Sisters” organization.

 Over two months, and ending on August 31, 20 applicants have received 36 lessons from gastronomy gurus at a culinary studio in Moscow. They also have had the opportunity to meet with influential food bloggers and food stylists. 


We are delighted to see how we are replicating the successful culinary training program to help people enter the labor market. We started this project in Brazil last year and we’re now implementing it in different parts of the world” said Malin Ekefalk, Director of Social Responsibility.


Some of the students in Moscow will start working in restaurants after the training, whereas others will take part in the prestigious Russian chef competition – Chef a la Russe. Also, two students have been accepted into a culinary college in Russia.


Worldchefs, the Electrolux Food Foundation & AIESEC will implement similar training culinary programs for the unemployed in other parts of the world during this and next year.


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