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Women in Culinary Apprenticeship

Women in Culinary Apprenticeship

Date: May 4, 2023
Time: 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM CDT UTC-05
Location: Grosse Pointe, USA / Onsite Event

Women in Culinary Apprenticeship

We need more female chefs in leadership positions. Therefore, the Detroit Institute of Gastronomy is holding a scholarship fundraiser to provide females interested in the culinary industry an opportunity to attend and learn the culinary arts through apprenticeship. With the money raised, a female seeking a culinary education will have the opportunity to attend a full year of the program, tuition free.

The scholarship fundraiser is now accepting donations in hopes of reaching the goal of $75,000.00. The fundraising drive is culminating in a gala event being held on May 4th, 2023, at the Grosse Point Yacht Club. The event will feature local female chefs including Amanda Saab from Master Chef season 6 and 12, Ederique “chef E” Goudia, James Beard Foundation Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Fellow Alumni, Shanel Dewalt from Breakn’Corn Bread and more. Live entertainment from Detroit’s premier musicians and hosted by Ann Delisi from WDET. TICKETS are available here.

Research shows that businesses with women in leadership roles and a diverse workforce perform better economically with higher productivity and increased attention to detail. Though there has been progress towards increasing gender diversity in many industries, the culinary arts industry still lags. In 2021, women made up only 25% of cooks and chefs in the United States.

“As women in the kitchen, we’ve come a long way, and we’re going to go farther,” says Kimberly Brock Brown, president of the American Culinary Foundation. “We’ve always been here; now is the time to get into those leadership positions throughout the industry, not just in restaurants. There are so many different paths you can pursue in the culinary world, and DIG can help you find them and excel in whatever area you apply yourself to.”

The Detroit Institute of Gastronomy (DIG) believes that through apprentice education, students are provided a chance to learn the skills needed to lead the culinary industry and through this tuition scholarship there is a hope to help reduce the gender gap in professional kitchens.

Detroit Institute of Gastronomy (DIG) was founded on the idea of delivering an excellent education while solving the frustrating career readiness problems of traditional culinary school education. With the support of the industry through an active advisory committee, and experienced administration and faculty, the Culinary Apprentice Programs offered at DIG are working to develop credentialed graduates that remain and grow in the culinary industry.

“I love that so much of the DIG program is online, and that you also have the hands-on experience in a professional kitchen as an apprentice,” says Amanda Saab of Master Chef Season 6 and 12 and Soil2Service Board of Directors Member. “The potential for scholarships, for breaking down financial barriers to education is so exciting.”

Show your support for this fundraiser by making a donation: DONATE HERE.

About Detroit Institute of Gastronomy (DIG): 

DIG offers a dynamic culinary arts apprenticeship education that reduces common industry barriers by providing a safe educational environment combining on the job skill development with innovative academics:

  • QUALITY — Pre-registered and verified places of employment safeguards the fair and equitable treatment of all apprentices in the kitchen.
  • SAFETY — All mentors, students and faculty are required to prove anti-harassment training to be affiliated with DIG.
  • PERSONAL ATTENTION — The mentor and the faculty work with each student in the development of their skills and knowledge.
  • CONNECTED — Continuous employment and simultaneous academic theory builds a culinary foundation based in reality and ready to put into action.
  • ALIGNED — All academics represent and exceed current industry standards.
  • INCOME – As part of a registered apprenticeship program the apprentice is a paidemployee of an operational restaurant or food service provider.
  • DIVERSITY — DIG is designed to reflect the communities through strong non-discrimination, anti-harassment, and recruitment practices focused on access, equity,and inclusion.
  • CREDENTIALS — Apprentices earn multiple, nationally-recognized credentials withintheir industry.Website: Detroit Institute of GastronomyAbout Soil2Service, Inc: A Detroit based nonprofit, 501c3 focused on education through food and culinary arts. Soil2Service is the parent company of Detroit Institute of Gastronomy with the mission statement of “Providing education, awareness and experiences designed to enhance the livelihood of communities while supporting a sustainable food system.

Read more about Detroit Institute of Gastronomy here.

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Grosse Pointe, USA

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