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Electrolux Professional Renews as a Worldchefs Premium Partner

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16th May 2022

Electrolux Professional Renews as a Worldchefs Premium Partner

  • Electrolux Professional has renewed as Worldchefs Premium Partner, continuing a longstanding collaboration centered around the Art & Science Come Together program.
  • Art & Science Come Together will expand to include the development of a digital resource centre hosted by Worldchefs.
  • Leveraging resources in new ways, the partnership will deliver key skills to culinary professionals and build resilience in the industry. 

Paris, 16 of May 2022 – Electrolux Professional has renewed as Worldchefs Premium Partner. Celebrating 120 years of tradition, experience, and innovation, Electrolux Professional has been at forefront in offering sustainable, ergonomic, and customer-friendly solutions. The Worldchefs partnership renewal marks the continuation of a longstanding collaboration centered around the Art & Science Come Together program.

Launched in 2014, Art & Science Come Together aims to combine the culinary creativity of professional chefs with the specialized knowledge and technology of the leading manufacturer’s commercial cooking solutions. Designed to empower chefs to operate more efficiently, profitably, and sustainably to the highest standards of the industry, Art & Science Come Together helps kitchens across the globe to develop more streamlined cooking processes.

Through a series of hands-on workshops, the Art & Science program has brought chefs together at worldwide Electrolux Centers of Excellence to explore innovations in culinary technology. With varying themes from Barbecue and Sous-Vide to Ergonomics and Hygiene, each workshop focuses on how chefs can cut food waste, build a leaner workflow, and optimize efficiency to reduce stress within the kitchen environment.

The chef-centered program will enter a new phase with the partnership renewal, including the development of a digital Art & Science Come Together resource centre hosted by Worldchefs. Response to the needs of chefs and consumers, the partnership’s strategic direction will provide culinary professionals with the tools and skills to navigate an ever-shifting post-COVID reality and build resilience in the industry. 

“Worldchefs is proud to renew our partnership with Electrolux Professional. Their inclusive, chef-centric approach to innovation, continuous push for excellence, and bold sustainability commitments are just a few reasons why they have been a natural collaborator and key supporter of Worldchefs,” says Ragnar Fridrikkson, Worldchefs Managing Director. “Electrolux Professional’s dedicated chefs around the world add so much value to our community and we look forward to expanding our partnership to provide new resources for the future.”

To learn more about Electrolux Professional, watch the Sustainable Kitchen Design episode of the Sustainability Around the World webcast with guest Michele Cadamuro, Head of Design and Innovation at Electrolux Professional.


The World Association of Chefs’ Societies, known as Worldchefs, is a dynamic global network of 110 chef associations worldwide. A leading voice in the hospitality industry, Worldchefs carries 91 years of history since its founding at the Sorbonne by the venerable Auguste Escoffier. Representing a mobilized international membership of culinary professionals, Worldchefs is committed to advancing the profession and leveraging the influence of the chef jacket for the betterment of the industry and humanity at large.

Worldchefs is dedicated to raising culinary standards and social awareness through these core focus areas:

Education – Worldchefs offers support for education and professional development through the landmark Worldchefs Academy online training program, a diverse network of Worldchefs Education Partners and curriculum, and the world’s first Global Hospitality Certification recognising on-the-job skills in hospitality. 

Networking – Worldchefs connects culinary professionals around the world through their online community platform and provides a gateway for industry networking opportunities through endorsed events and the biennial Worldchefs Congress & Expo.

Competition – Worldchefs sets global standards for competition rules, provides Competition Seminars and assurance of Worldchefs Certified Judges, and operates the prestigious Global Chefs Challenge.

Humanitarianism & Sustainability – Worldchefs Feed the Planet and World Chefs Without Borders programs relieve food poverty, deliver crisis support, and promote sustainability across the globe.

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