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Electrolux Food Foundation and Worldchefs Inspire Sustainable Cooking and Eating Through the Feed the Planet Partnership

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01st March 2023

Electrolux Food Foundation and Worldchefs Inspire Sustainable Cooking and Eating Through the Feed the Planet Partnership

  • Electrolux Food Foundation has renewed as a Worldchefs Platinum Partner.
  • A global founding partner of the Feed the Planet program, the independent, non-profit organization supports initiatives to inspire more sustainable food choices among consumers and professionals.
  • Since 2016, the philanthropic partnership has grown into a dynamic collaborative effort for inspiring social change and supporting communities in need around the world, with Feed the Planet celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2022 and remarkable achievements in key initiatives. 

Paris, 1 of March 2023 – Worldchefs is pleased to announce a renewed philanthropic partnership with Electrolux Food Foundation, an independent, non-profit organization established and funded by Electrolux Group. A global founding partner of the Feed the Planet program since 2016, Electrolux Food Foundation has a mission of promoting healthier and more sustainable food choices among consumers and professionals through a variety of community-driven and global education initiatives. Together, the Foundation, and Worldchefs continue to create local and global impact in professional kitchens and at home, with collaboration on community support and a focus on social responsibility at the center of the partnership.

Feed the Planet was founded by Worldchefs in 2012 to educate, empower, and mobilize a global network of culinary professionals and drive sustainable change. Committed to building a more equitable and sustainable food system, Worldchefs joined forces with Electrolux Food Foundation and AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-led organization, in 2016. Since that time, Feed the Planet has grown into a dynamic collaborative effort for inspiring social change and supporting people in need in communities around the world.

“Feeding the world’s growing population is one of the greatest challenges of our time,” says Cosimo Scarano, Head of Electrolux Food Foundation. “Our partnership with Worldchefs means we unite under a shared vision to inspire thousands across the globe to make sustainable food choices. We are grateful and proud of all we’ve accomplished together and look forward to continuing this important work.”

Celebrating remarkable achievements through key Feed the Planet initiatives, Worldchefs’ Feed the Planet partnership with Electrolux Food Foundation and AIESEC has created local and global impact through diverse projects across cultures and continents. 

Food Heroes, a fun educational program for kids, has inspired over 88,000 children in more than 30 countries. Developed as part of UNICEF’s World’s Largest Lesson, the interactive one-hour workshop teaches and inspires young people to make better everyday food choices to contribute toward a healthier planet. Designed for children ages seven to eleven, the engaging open-source Food Heroes toolkit is available in 11 languages to raise awareness of the relationship between food and the planet among families all around the world. The Feed the Planet partnership aims to teach thousands more each year to eat more sustainably.

More than 1000 people have been trained through Like a Chef, an employment training program that provides underprivileged people with culinary workplace skills with a focus on sustainable cooking. The 10-week course has the objective to train a new generation of kitchen professionals by providing an extensive overview of cooking techniques and highlighting the importance of sustainability in the culinary industry. The program also includes additional soft skill training to increase the student’s chance of finding a job. With eight active training centers around the world and four more locations in development, Like a Chef is changing lives, helping individuals to build a new career path.

Over 9000 graduates have completed the Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals curriculum, an innovative free course designed to teach chefs how to think and act sustainably. Available on Worldchefs Academy and delivered in culinary schools and training centers, the course is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic. Graduates earn a Worldchefs digital badge and certificate to show employers their commitment to professional growth and a more efficient kitchen. The program has also provided special leadership training to 84 Sustainability Education Trainers in over 80 countries. The partnership plans to train 5000 more students this year. 

Over 150 million viewers have explored diverse topics in sustainability and learned tools to apply sustainable thinking to their work in the food and beverage sector through Feed the Planet’s webcast series, Sustainability Around the World. Each episode shares stories of culinary professionals on their journey toward a more conscious kitchen., an online space that encourages more sustainable food habits, was also created by Electrolux Food Foundation, Worldchefs, and AIESEC to help fulfill Feed the Planet’s purpose of inspiring sustainable cooking and eating habits.  The online space features stats, stories, hacks, instructive cooking videos and recipes as well as five hands-on-tips that answer the question: ‘So, what can I do?’ – to eat more sustainably.

“Electrolux Food Foundation has provided Worldchefs with tremendous support, as well as a wonderful extension of the Worldchefs team. We are joined by inspiration, ambition, and a vision for a better future,” says Ragnar Fridricksson, Worldchefs Managing Director. “When I see what we have achieved since our first meeting with the Foundation, it is tremendous. It is with great pride that we continue this partnership and collaborate toward our shared mission.” 

Feed the Planet celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2022–a decade of empowering better cooking and eating habits through awareness and advocacy. The long-term target is based on Agenda 2030’s Sustainable Development Goal 12: Sustainable Production and Consumption, and Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals in order to contribute to sustainable cooking and eating habits around the world.

Learn more and get involved in Feed the Planet projects at To hear more on Feed the Planet’s history and future, Episode 24 of the Sustainability Around the World webcast is available here and revisits the partnerships’ journey, key learnings, and next actions toward a food-secure future.

Visit the Electrolux Food Foundation website here and explore Replate at


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