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Do you know what it takes in the plate to run like a Sport Star?

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France, 15th October 2018

The International Chefs Day 2018 is coming soon!

Today, we are happy to share with you what a Sports Star has to eat in order to stay healthy. 

Worldchefs, in partnership with Nestlé Professional have prepared for you a list of 30 recipes to eat better and teach kids on how to also eat better. 

You can download all recipes HERE !

What is International Chefs Day?

Introduced in 2004 by the very well esteemed Dr. Bill Gallagher, who was the incumbent President of the World Association of Chefs Societies, The International Chefs day is focused on “the power of the chefs’ jacket” – where chefs will get together to give back to the community, use the chance to advance the career of chefs and help change their local communities.

Each year, Worldchefs partners with Nestlé Professional to create different themes to help broadcast their mission. 

This year, with the theme “Healthy Foods for Growing Up”,we want to encourage kids to think about what they would like to be when they grow up, and how eating healthy can get them there. The global community of chefs can make this positive influence!

Be Equipped
How do you start? Download the “Healthy Foods for Growing Up” tool kit  
here(for separate downloads, click here.)

It will equip you with tools to host a workshop,  suggest fun ideas, tips, printable materials, as well as photography guidelines and safety considerations. 

Share your photo’s  and fun on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and tag us with #internationalchefsday # Healthierkids #nestlepro #worldchefs 

Any Questions, Contact us ?
Contact the Nestlé Marketing Manager and Regional Offices in your country, or any of the International Chefs Day Committee Members:

Let’s make a difference!





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