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Sri Lanka, 03rd May 2016

Experience the unique taste of Ceylon Green Tea, made from handpicked buds and leaves grown in the pristine mountains in Ceylon’s Nuwara Eliya region. Dilmah Pure Ceylon Green Tea has a unique and pure taste that makes it the first choice for tea lovers. The traditional and sustainable methods we use ensures they remain free from impurities and guarantees natural goodness in every cup. Refresh your body and soul with the taste and goodness of Pure Ceylon Green Tea, and experience green tea at its finest. The Nuwara Eliya region has, for decades, been synonymous with highest quality tea in a country known the world over for the excellence of its product. Tea from this region is of unique character and flavour, and much sought after by black tea lovers.

Park factory was selected for the project on account of the availability of green leaf from the highest elevations in the country and, also, the availability of tea cultivars such as Park 2, with a scientifically proven chemical composition which makes it ideal for green tea manufacture. The Park Green Tea Factory obtains its raw material from locations in close proximity, specially selected for the availability of such cultivars. Included in the green leaf processed at the factory is material from high elevation “China Jat” seedling tea cultivars, traditionally associated with the production of quality green tea in China and Japan.

The factory, constructed in 1931 on the conventional lines of tea factories in the British period, was originally designed for black tea manufacture and functioned as such till 2013. Since its takeover by Ceylon Tea Farmers, it has been rehabilitated in its totality with an increase in the floor area but with minimal change to its original appearance.

The facility was setup with the aim of locally producing green tea in an effort to combat pesticide-riddled tea that was available at the time. Located on Park Estate, Kandapola, 12 km from Nuwara Eliya town, it is perched on a tea covered plateau at an elevation of around 6500 ft above sea level, on the eastern slopes of the Pidurutalagala massif. The Pidurutalagala peak, at an elevation of 8231 ft the highest point in Sri Lanka, is visible from the factory compound. The Park factory is one of the six highest factories in Sri Lanka and is the highest factory in the island manufacturing Green Tea.

The actual process of Green Tea manufacture, as practiced at the Park factory, reflects minimal mechanical intervention, and is specifically designed to preserve the intrinsic health beneficial properties of the raw green leaf. It is a much gentler process than black tea manufacture and manual handling is minimal. The process flow has been engineered with product hygiene, worker safety and end product quality as top priority objectives.

The Dilmah range of green teas include Pure Ceylon Green Tea mildly astringent and very refreshing, Pure Ceylon Green Tea with Cardamom, offering a complex fragrance and a mildly spicy flavour with notes of fresh herbs, mint and eucalyptus, Pure Ceylon Green Tea with Chamomile Flowers a beautiful fragrance of spring and an elegant taste, Pure Ceylon Green Tea with Lemongrass gentle and aromatic with notes of citrus and fresh herbs, Pure Ceylon Green Tea with Jasmine gentle and floral with subtle sweetness, Pure Ceylon Green Tea with Ceylon Cinnamon piquant and woody, Pure Ceylon Green Tea with Ginger producing a refreshing and complex finish and last but not least Pure Ceylon Green Tea with Moroccan Mint deliciously minty, with a refreshing fragrance.


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