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Dilmah s Very Special & Rare Seasonal Flush Tea

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Sri Lanka, 21st November 2016

Tea, in general, is a true gift from nature – a herb that has for centuries offered comfort while producing vigour, creativity and contentment in millions around the world. Yet, as is the nature of anything so complex and yet simple, tea has its own secrets it unveils through time, aided by Mother Nature and her erstwhile helpmates. Like the discovery of a rare blue diamond in the midst of a thousand others, like the unveiling of a map to a secret treasure trove, tea has its moments when it bestows on mankind – upon rare occasions when it pleases – a true miracle of nature. And this is none other than the Seasonal Flush tea.

The Uva Seasonal Flush of 2016 was carefully handpicked on the 9th of August 2016, early in the morning before the harsh upland sun rises, when the tea leaf is at its mellowest. The tea is from the Kelliebedde Estate which is located in Haputale, Sri Lanka on a tea covered plateau at an elevation of 515 meters above mean sea level. It is produced on the same day with great care to obtain its special tea leaf character. Every cup has the ability to let you experience a true miracle of nature – a result of a fleeting climatic phenomenon where wind, sunshine and the terroir of the land join hands to produce something out of the ordinary.

Tasting Notes

Shotty leaf with dark olive hues brew a bright, golden orange liquor with seasonal brilliance caused by a week of perfect temperatures and dry condition prior to handpicking. The fragrance is reminiscent of a herb garden with the addition of eucalyptus and camphor. Expressive on the palate, yet maintaining finesse with citrus, green olive and herbaceous notes in elegant balance.

Only 60kg of the Uva Seasonal Flush Tea has been produced this year, with part of it in a numbered and signed caddy, along with a monogrammed presenter for the pleasure of corporate gifting, or simply showing a loved one how extra special they are.

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