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Dilmah Launches The Silver Jubilee Gourmet Collection with a Gastronomic Afternoon Tea as the Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queens Parks First Event

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Sri Lanka, 26th December 2016

What better way for an event debut at the Bangkok Marriott Marquis Hotel in Thailand, than an Afternoon Tea with the launch of the Silver Jubilee Gourmet! To present the Afternoon Tea was Dilhan C. Fernando – Director of the School of Tea and son of Dilmah founder Merrill J. Fernando, Robert Schinkel – award winning mixologist and Dilmah Brand Ambassador and Au- celebrated tea sommelier. Dilhan C. Fernando and Au led the tea pairing session while Robert Schinkel led the mixology component.

Upon arrival, guests were welcomed with the rare Ceylon Silver Tips White Tea in champagne flutes, paired with fresh strawberries. The Afternoon Tea menu included Dilmah’s transcendent Silver Jubilee collection of boutique teas and the highly exclusive and rare Uva Seasonal Flush of 2016, paired with, what Dilmah Tea Gastronomy has always been known for- tea inspired delicacies. Guests enjoyed Natural Jasmine Green Tea paired with Lapsang tea-infused aspic of Jamon Iberico and pickled apple, a cucumber finger sandwich with salted lemon jam, and goat cheese praline with orange gel; Silver Jubilee Earl Grey Tea paired with lemon tea financier, blonde chocolate cream puff and a light cheesecake; The Pure Darjeeling Single Region paired with a pistachio éclair and strawberry macaroon; Organic Sencha paired with the hotel’s signature coconut cake; and the pièce de résistance- The Uva Seasonal Flush of 2016 paired with green olive stuffed with vermouth gel.

Would you like to launch a special tea or a tea inspired menu at your hotel?

All you have to do is:

Get in touch with your local Dilmah partner or the Dilmah Head office directly

Share your menu and current Dilmah tea range used

Invite VIPs and media to attend the event

What we will do for you is:

Send a customised tea inspired menu for your hotel- may it be lobby, lounge, breakfast, lunch or dinner buffet, or even a personalised Afternoon Tea Program.

Launch your event with style! To ensure the participation of the founder of Dilmah or his son to speak more on the topic of tea inspired, just let us know early so we can plan ahead.

Create Pre, Live and Post event coverage through Social Media (Dilmah, Venue) as well as main stream media.


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