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Culinary Center and Cookery Club in Athens, Greece is now a Worldchefs Recognized School

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Greece, 22nd February 2017

Worldchefs formally recognizes the Culinary Center and Cookery Club in Athens, Greece for the consistent delivery of quality culinary education for over 6 years. They are one of the newest members of World Chefs Learning Community. They join over seventy other schools and associations all over the world which have already been recognized by World Chefs under the Recognition of Quality Culinary Education Program.

Established in 2010, the Culinary Center & Cookery Club Athens (Mathimata Mageirikis), Greece is a vocational training (VET) centre.  Specializing in Culinary & Pastry Arts, the Culinary Center & Cookery Club mission is to become the leading quality training provider in Greece.

The Culinary Center of Athens offers short term professional programs, as well as standard education focused on vocational training.  Their professional programs are intensive and practical with high quality, fast paced, intensive practice for aspiring chefs and culinary explorers.  All programs are addressed to beginners, career switchers, entrepreneurs and practicing cooks seeking excellence and development in Culinary and Pastry Arts. 

Their goal is to provide each student with hands-on, technique driven, culinary and pastry skills required for a career in a fine-dining establishment with excellent instructors. The disciplined and professional learning environment, availability of global externships, low student-teacher ratio and focus on sustainability make The Culinary Center unique.

The school offers further possibilities for lifelong learning and excellent counseling on student’s career. The “Recognition of Quality Culinary Education” award is a commitment of school’s advancement towards better quality and meeting industry’s needs!

Find out more about our RQCE program here.


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