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Congress Spotlight: Chef John Folse – King of Creole

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30th May 2014

Come and meet Chef John Folse – a Godfather of Louisiana’s cuisine and many times awarded Chef, who doesn’t stop stirring up the global culinary stage!

His traditional but very unique approach to Cajun and Creole cuisine has made John Folse internationally recognized, but without dragging him away from his roots and great appreciation for Louisiana’s cultural and gastronomic heritage.

Join Chef John Folse during the Worldchefs Congress 2014 and let him take you on a tasteful and flavourful journey to remember, while picking up the latest tips and tricks from this culinary master!


To find out more about Chef John Folse, visit his official website, or even think about enrolling in Chef John Folse Culinary Institute

They don’t call him “King of Creole” without a reason! Click here to have a sneak peek and find out why!



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