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Condolences to Sifu Shi Zheng Liang from China

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China, 15th September 2015
A message from Asia Continental Director, Rick Stephen: 
“Dear Chefs World
It is with sad heart that I write to you to let you know that Sifu Shi Zheng Liang, a master of Sichuan Cuisine in China, passed away on Wednesday on his way to a Culinary Competition,
Chef Shi Zheng Liang life ended in tragic circumstance in a massive car accident on the highway.
Sifu Zheng Liang's wake and funeral will be held in Mianyang – China on Tuesday 15th of September, his career as a master chef in China has been and extensive career where he has left his mark on the Culinary World
With many dedicated students who in their own rights are now masters in Sichuan Cuisine.
Please take a minute on Tuesday to reflect on another great chef, who has left us too early in life, but his legacy will continue to grow.
Sincere and condolences to his wife, Wang Xiao Li and  family along with his many students.” 


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