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Christmas Greetings from Thomas A. Gugler

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23rd December 2020

Dear colleagues, chefs and friends from all around the world.

I am wishing you all a “MERRY CHRISTMAS” and from the bottom of my heart a very festive season. 

Despite of a very difficult year 2020 and so many obstacles due to COVID 19 Pandemic this special time of the year shell give you all the positive energy and to ensure that 2021 will be a better year for all of us. 

The entire world population is suffering but in my personal view I believe in the positive energy in our human raze and especially in the “POWER OF THE WHITE JACKET. 

We as culinarians can make a change and as well our social responsibility is to support all the NEEDY and UNFORTUNATE as well. 

GOD bless you all and please “SHARE” with the people in need. 

Today I am talking to you as your WORLDCHEFS President and as the virtual “SANTA” and on behalf of the entire “Board of Directors of WORLDCHEFS” again our personal “MERRY CHRISTMAS” and “GOD bless you all”. Stay safe and healthy and we are looking forward meeting and seeing you all somewhere around the globe.

Thomas A. Gugler
Worldchefs President




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