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Childhood Nutrition Day Breakfast

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United States, 23rd October 2013
Chefs, Cooks, Students, Culinary Enthusiasts, we made it happen!
Our breakfast with the ACF chefs was voted by those who KNOW, the children that it was the BEST EVER. We fed over 1200 students, family members, teachers, community leaders, college student athletes and culinarians a nutritious breakfast with style and panache.
Four locations in the NC Triad hosted this feast of our community joining to acknowledge the need for good nutrition for our children. We know that good nutrition starts at home and the hundreds of families joining our breakfast table certified their willingness to focus on providing this need for their children.
This is our sixth annual breakfast at Family services Head Start and would not have been possible without the tireless effort of so many truly dedicated humanitarians. I want to thank everyone who contributed their time and talent to this effort.
Please convey my many thanks to your team members, Chef Suzan who ignited the flame under our members to re ignite the flame from our past Breakfast with the ACF Chefs, Chef Keith who provided the encouragement and leadership to make this effort a reality, Chef Jeff who behind the scenes organization skills and unbelievable “Community Kitchen” staff and students pulled off a fabulous meal that delivered our good nutrition message, Chef Al whose talents in the kitchen are only matched by his talents in our community, organized the wonderful GTCC students and made us look good on TV, Chef Tom and his creative Pumpkin Carvings, Chefs Danielle, Larry, Tom, Tyler, Kelly, William, Betty and Barry your management skills at the satellite stations were seamless, Chef Sherry and her “Career Center” culinary students over pouring involvement in serving the 100 plus families at Winston-Salem State University and when finished cleaning up there came over to Sarah Y Austin campus to help the clean up there as well, and the smiles on their faces well made me cry with happiness. How about those student athletes from Salem College and Wake Forest University?
Their interaction with the children gave every child a good reason to eat healthy and grow up to be strong. And my dear friend Marcy and the dedicated, caring, and loving staff at Family Services Head Start whose skill at community outreach, and follow up that made my head spin with the overall management of this vital event.
Thank you all, we did it, to each and everyone who contributed to our community involvement, you make our community GREAT.
Chef Don







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