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Cheese knives, special knives for different types of cheese

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Germany, 15th December 2016


More and more people love cheese. The per capita consumption in 2015 was 24.5 kg in Germany compared to 23.7 kg in 2012 according to the Association of the German Dairy Industry. This development may be due to the fact that more and more consumers are wanting healthier, balanced diets.

Cheese is available in many shapes, colours and consistencies.

The right cutting technique is very important when presenting cheese because badly cut portions of cheese spoil its appearance. It is important to use the right accessories and tools to simplify the processing of cheese. No utility knife can meet all different requirements; special knives are required especially when cutting cheese: Brie cheese knives for soft cheese like Roquefort, one and two-handed knives for semi-hard cheese and softer hard cheese, and two-handed knives for larger wheels of cheese. Soft cheese knives, for example for Gorgonzola, fresh goat's cheese or cream cheese disks or logs.

Friedr. Dick now supplies cheese knives with Kullenschliff. The Kullenschliff creates air cushions and even soft types of cheese don't stick to the blade. The Kullenschliff achieves precise cutting through accurate guidance. The stepped, downwardly offset blade cuts cleanly and effortlessly and your hand does not touch the cutting board.

Product overview – F. Dick cheese knives

Universal cheese knives

These wide-bladed knives are well suited for most medium-sized semi-hard to hard types of cheese.






Cheese knife with double handle

The knife with two handles and a 30 cm long blade masters even the thickest cheeses! A great deal of pressure can be applied thanks to the practical double handle.



Soft cheese knife

You should reach for this special knife for soft cheeses: Its perforated blade glides cleanly and the cheese doesn't stick to it.




Brie cheese knife

The alternative to soft cheese knives. The very narrow blade cuts cleanly through Roquefort or semi-hard cheese. Also, hardly any remains of cheese stick to the blade.



The cheese knives are available from specialist dealers.


Friedr. Dick is the only manufacturer worldwide who offers a complete range of knives, sharpening steels, ancillary items for chefs and butchers as well as grinding machines. The long-standing tradition and experience of manufacturing products for chefs and butchers allow a continuous development of innovative products. Input from customers, especially end-users and our own ideas are converted into high-quality products.


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