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Centro Superior de Hostelería Mediterráneo (CSHM): First Spanish Culinary School with worldwide “Recognition”

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03rd May 2015

The Superior School of Mediterranean Hotel Business has been certified by the Educational World Culinary Program of the Chefs Societies Association, Worldchefs: The World Association of Chefs Organization – made up of more than one hundred countries and with over ten million associates -, has given its award and recognition for the first time to a Spanish cooking school. This prestigious award has only been previously achieved by 41 cooking schools around the world and apart from the pride that means for Spain and for the school, it has very practical effects: The CSHM is the only culinary school in Spain that can give students a double degree (certified Spanish and by Worldchefs) and also offer Spanish chefs the opportunity to complete their studies in other certified schools abroad through established student exchange programs.

According to the international leaders of Worldchefs; to distinguish the CSHM up to seventeen parameters were rated in a thorough and lengthy process of recognition, ensuring in its welcome that “its proposal for the application is perfect in every detail.” From this moment, the CSHM displays the Worldchefs Board with which the school has been awarded and will participate as a recognized member in the activities of “Worldchefs Education Committee” and in international conferences and congresses, as the only Spanish school belonging to the demanding and elite group of schools honored by Worldchefs with the “Worldchefs Recognition of Quality Culinary Education”. Carlos Duran, Culinary Director for Worldchefs in Madrid, said: “For the industry it is great news that finally a school has reached levels of excellence demanded by Worldchefs. This allows us to offer students career opportunities and qualifications for which until now they had to leave to study in other countries. Literally, this recognition puts Spain on the map of world culinary education.”

The CSHM has appointed an Advisory Committee for Worldchefs subjects, formed by Carlos Duran (Culinary Director), Enrique Niñerola (Director CSHM Madrid), Angel Campillo (Director CSHM Development Group) and José Manuel Iglesias (Director of Academic Extension Group CSHM), which also acts as director of WACS subjects and link between Worldchefs and CSHM. The directing team will have the enthusiastic support of qualified faculty and staff of the CSHM at its headquarters in Madrid and Valencia, although soon reinforced with new additions in order to expand the educational offer. This way we can meet the demand of students, Spanish and international chefs, who will be attracted by the plus it means for them to choose the CSHM to form, as they can obtain besides the Spanish / European accredited qualifications also the diploma certified by Worldchefs, marking an important difference in the C.V. of those who aspire to work internationally, especially in hotels and cruises. For these purposes, we will develop various educational programs both in Madrid and Valencia under the umbrella of Worldchefs, aimed at students and also to the continuing education and training of professionals. Another novelty presented by the CSHM in Spain will be the organization and holding of specific courses Worldchefs, including the international jury, competition, and it is even expected that Spain will become the major host country for events supported by the transnational organization.

In this context, the CSHM is committed to Worldchefs in working with the World Gastronomy Institute, -in terms of their valid collaboration agreement – on the development of a Code of professional ethics in education in Spanish gastronomy, initiative which is seeking the cooperation of other schools, and that will be released soon.

The Worldchefs recognition by the CSHM denotes its high quality training, facilities and technology, system of studies and implementation, study programs and practical classes – all this being excellent news for the whole Spanish restaurant industry, which opens wide horizons and possibilities before unthinkable for students and professionals of gastronomy in Spain.


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