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“Celebrating the Taste” – International Chef Meet & Culinary Exhibition in Chandigarh, India

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India, 03rd December 2013

From 5th to 7th December 2013 IFCA is organizing its ‘CII & IFCA’s International Chef Meet & Culinary Exhibition’ Integrated with CII Tourism Fest 2013 at the Parade Ground, Sector – 17, Chandigarh. This event is organized by Indian Federation of Culinary Associations and supported by Indian Culinary Forum.


For this occasion Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) & Indian Federation of Culinary Associations (IFCA) will be presenting the Tourism Fest and Chef Meet & Culinary Exhibition with the theme “Celebrating The Taste”. This will definitely test Chefs’ creativity and culinary skills. Likewise, the manifestation aims to provide an opportunity to the visitors to witness the preparation of masterpieces of culinary art.

The Culinary Exhibition will last for 3 days, while showcasing some of the finest culinary creations by individuals and teams from the leading hotels and restaurants of the country. With a greatest joy, members of IFCA are awaiting for the arrival of WORLDCHEFS President Gissur Gudmundsson who will be attending this magnificent event.

The event aims to:

–       Assist in pre-selecting the culinary teams in India for global representation.

–       Elevate the stature and status of the chefs, junior chefs and apprentices in India.

–       Ignite creativity and interest in this culinary art.

–       Launch a platform for learning among the chef fraternity around the world.

–       Create opportunities for the chefs to excel in the culinary field.



The Indian Federation of Culinary Associations is a nodal body of culinary professionals in India and is an independent, apolitical, non-religious and voluntary organization of culinary professionals. IFCA was formed with the idea of developing the culinary profession and to promote Indian cuisine on the Global platform. IFCA is a forum dedicated to connect culinary professionals across the geography of India with people and places with the knowledge they need, to succeed. 

IFCA is a National member of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WORLDCHEFS), the apex body of culinary professionals the world over with 10 million members. It is considered to be the UN of the culinary profession with and is recognized by 96 Countries. IFCA consistently works towards raising the standards of culinary trade, developing the art of fine cooking, upholding interests of culinary professionals and promoting goodwill by setting high ethical standards.



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