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A Plea from the Croatian Culinary Federation and WCWB

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Croatia, 06th January 2021
Dear Worldchefs Members,

You have probably heard about another Croatian earthquake, the third this year. On December 29th, half of the town of Petrinja was destroyed in a 6,3 magnitude earthquake. The very next morning, another struck with a magnitude of 4,1.

We are doing our best to organize chefs from all over Croatia to come and feed the victims and workers. We especially appreciate the help of Slovenian chefs who managed to get the documentation to cross the border and help.  

Currently, the town of Petrinja is closed by the police because a lot of people came to help. We are waiting for the officials to coordinate us Chefs on where the best place is to help with food preparation.

We are getting a lot of support and Croatia is united to help the victims in these difficult times. 

Please share and call for donations through your channels and show the “Power of the White Jackets”. People can donate financial support for the victims through the Croatian Red Cross on this link:
Thank you for your consideration,

Aleksandar Aki Vucković
Croatian Culinary Federation



Photo credit: Hrvatski Crvenikriz/Croatian Red Cross


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