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9th International Competition Cooking Southern Europe results

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Greece, 02nd April 2015

The 9th International Competition Cooking Southern Europe, held earlier this year (26/2 to 1/3) as part of the 2015 HELEXPO, 24 DETROP and 5 OENOS in Thessaloniki (Greece). The 4-day competition was attended by 520 eminent Chefs and students, both from Greece and 27 other countries of the world, who competed in 37 categories and were evaluated by 25 international judges.


A Chef Arturs Taskans from Latvia came out as the first to win «Chef of Southern European Year», while Dubai Culinary team Thusan Nilaksha Kirieldeniyage Don,   Karan Mohan Naik, Kapila Amaratungawas announced as the “Best Team of the Year».. The «Cyprus Regional Culinary Team», in fact, together with the team from South Korea created a cold display Buffet, something which was only done during the Olympics and the World Cup. The teams won the silver medal!

Top Class Trophy school winner, according to the number medals

Higher Hotel Institute Cyprus

Top Class Trophy Student of the year

Mizden Posic Serbia

Top Class Trophy School of the Year

Iek  Delta   Greece

Top Class Trophy Student Pastry of the Year

Damianos Fourkiotis Greece

The countries that took part in this year’s International Competition Cooking Southern Europe were: Thailand, , Taiwan, Malta, Sweden, Serbia, Singapore, Korea, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro, , Romania, Sweden, Malta, England, Uzbekistan, Israel, Cyprus, Latvia, Russia, Slovenia, Croatia, Taiwan, , etc.

The competition was organized by the Chefs Club of Northern Greece in cooperation with TIF-HELEXPO and supported by World Association of Chefs Societies (Worldchefs). A momentous highlight that occurred at the same time was when Worldchefs Continental Director for Africa/Middle East Chef Thomas A. Gugler gave a prestigious recognition of excelence – a “Gold Star” to the N. Greece chefs Association, for organizing a cutting-edge event. Such an honor, however, happened for the first time in Greece. “Our goal is to project the Greek gastronomy. We can contribute our services to increase tourism and strengthen the economy. Competitions we organize are moving in this direction”, said President of the of N. Greece Chefs Association George Mastrodimitris. Nevertheless, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Chef Christos Gkotsis, added: “We are pleased we were able to once again get so many positive feedbacks and what is more – to have our Association to become officially rewarded by the Gold Star. This achievement undoubtedly have made all the Board and Chefs members extremely proud, but also added the responsible to keep on raising the bar in the future.”

The crowds visiting this year’s competition filled the space of 16 installations, how many were there at this year’s HELEXPO – TIF, which gave a special aroma to already flavorful and busy competition kitchens. Also, during the 4-days, around 2000 Chefs form all around the world visited the competition pavilion, of which the 700 international guests expressed their genuine interest to take part in the next competition, which will take place in two years (2017). To make the 9th International Competition Cooking Southern Europe even more memorable, there were many parallel events such as book presentations and product displays, all followed by live music performances.


The North Greek Chefs Association feels the need to thank the HELEXPO – TIF and all the donors. Thanks to their generous contribution and ongoing trust and support we managed to organize another triumphant 9th International Competition Cooking Southern Europe.



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