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5th Annual Russian National Culinary Championship “Chef a la Russe” Triumphantly Reaches Climactic Conclusion

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Russia, 03rd April 2018

30, 2018: 

are delighted to announce that Russian National Culinary Championship “Chef a
la Russe” finale, which took place on March 21 – 23 at Metro Expo, Crocus
Exhibition Center, Moscow; has ended on March 23, after 3 days of passionate
work by 40 Senior Teams and 10 Junior Teams coming from all over Russia to
compete for numerous rewards provided by our gracious sponsors & partners,
medals, the Grand Prix Cup, and, of course, the ultimate prize – a 10 day
course at Paul Bocuse Institute, Lyon, France 
and nationwide recognition.


3 days were but the last mile of grueling Regional Qualification Competitions,
held in multiple regions of Russia during the preceding year, thus ensuring
that only the best would have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show their
skill and dedication to the art of cuisine.


4 fantastic years of unparalleled success, we have decided to celebrate the 5th
anniversary of the championship with the biggest roster of participants yet, as
well as invite a team of the best professional judges from all over the world,
led by Worldchefs President Thomas Gugler to set new standards for our chefs
for years to come.


Judging Committee roster includes:

  • Judging Committee
    Chairman – Thomas Gugler, Worldchefs President
  • Viktor Beliaev, President
    of Russian Culinary Association
  • Alexander Prokopovich,
    Vice-President of Russian Culinary Association
  • Gert Klotzke, Chairman of
    Worldchefs Culinary Competition Committee, Sweden
  • Gilles Renusson,
    Worldchefs Culinary Competition Committee Patesserie Advisor, USA
  • Svetlana Ryskova, Baltic
    Culinary Association President, Latvia
  • Alan Payen, Mauritius
    Chefs Association President, Mauritius
  • Tahir Amiraslanov,
    Azerbaijan Culinary Association President, Azerbaijan
  • Zoran Velkovic, Serbian
    Culinary Association Vice-President, Serbia
  • Iztok Legat, Slovenian
    Culinary Association President (2004-2008), Slovenia
  • Tapio Laine, Head of
    Finland National Culinary Team, Finland
  • Kirill Sinichkin,
    Vladimir Regional Culinary Association Vice-President, Russia
  • Rustam Tangirov, T.R.
    Bar, MadLabBar Executive Chef, Russia


the final three day stretch of the tournament, the teams consisting of 3 chefs
(2 for Junior Teams) competed in “National dinner” category, which entails
preparation of 5 sets of 3 course dinner within 90 minutes that have to include
mandatory ingredients, chosen by the organizational committee. This year, those
were: Karelian trout for the starter, modern style lamb brisket for the main
course, and turnip for the dessert. However, the Grand Finale offered our
contestants a quite different and exciting challenge – “Mystery Black Box”,
which included mandatory ingredients (bull’s testicles for seniors, beef liver
for juniors), that were kept a close guarded secret until the very start of the
competition on the 3rd day.


are very well-pleased to say that our finalists have shown an enormous amount
of skill, professionalism, and know-how, thus ensuring that the prizes were
well-deserved. Our sincerest congratulations to our winners!


  • 1st place
    Altayskiy Krai Team – Sergey Ternov (Team Captain), Mikhail Khmelinin,
    Nikita Ushakov
  • 2nd place
    Sochi Team – Alexander Akmaev (Team Captain), Pavel Dubrovin, Pavel Ledrov
  • 3rd place
    Vladimir-Suzdal Team – Roman Zakharov (Team Captain), Anton Tolstoshein,
    Dmitry Sablin


  • 1st place
    Permskiy Krai Team – Valeria Vasilenko, Ilia Yarkov
  • 2nd place
    Volgograd Team – Nazim Ramazanov, Denis Almametov
  • 3rd place
    Moscow Team – Konstantin Dolgikh, Alexander Kuksa


would like to thank all of our partners and sponsors for providing an huge
amount of continuous support! We look forward to continuing our great
relationships with you, as well as invite anyone willing to attend or
participate in the championship next year!



About “Chef a la Russe”:


Russian National Culinary Championship “Chef a la Russe” has been co-created in
2014 between Russian National Association and Metro Cash & Carry Russia and
officially endorsed by Worldchefs.


more information, please visit

Contacts: Viktor Beliaev, [email protected]
; Alexander Prokopovich, [email protected]  ; Bogdan Protasov, [email protected]



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