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5 Things You Need to Know About International Chefs Day

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France, 22nd August 2016

What will chefs around the world be embarking on this International Chefs’ Day? Art On a Plate.

International Chefs Day is back again this 20 October 2016!

This year, we want to excite kids around the world about the importance of healthy eating, impress upon them the wonders of the culinary profession and teach them good eating habits they can carry with them for life. Here are a few things you need to know.


Partner:  Nestlé Professional, and they will offer the expertise of the Nestlé Healthy Kids programme and partner with chefs associations around the world, to make this possible. We have involved our nutritionist, and creative partners to develop this comprehensive toolkit for you.


Statistics:  Last year, chefs affiliated to over 103 member organisations around the world took part in this special day by hosting workshops and activities for thousands of kids. With your participation, we want to make International Chefs Day 2016 bigger and better than ever.


Theme: ‘World on a Plate’. We want to use this opportunity to teach kids about healthy eating by letting them be creative with food. With your help the kids will turn healthy recipes into fun, edible ‘Art on a Plate’ that will not only be fun to make, but healthy to eat too.


What to Expect:  Kids learn best through creative, fun activities. During these mini-workshops, chefs will help kids create edible artwork with healthy, nutritious ingredients. In this way, we can teach a new generation about good nutrition in a highly interactive, fun and memorable way.

Programme:  To link strongly to the WORLDCHEFS ‘World on a Plate’ theme for 2016, the kids can create any artwork that features something special about their own country. We call this edible art ‘A taste of my country’. On the day, the kids will be able to create an edible artwork on a plate that pays tribute to any aspect of the country they love: from its unique landscape, flag, animals, plants or even famous people. The participating Kids can choose any subject that relates to this theme.


Please reach out to your local Nestlé Professional team for support in arranging the event in your community.


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