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Worldchefs is helping a Young Chef to go to Worldchefs Congress & Expo 2018, so should you?!

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South Africa, 16th March 2018

Worldchefs has decided today to showcase a very
special message to its community. 


Worldchefs Congress & Expo 2018 is around the
corner and we all know this by now!
people have already bought their tickets, some people are going to buy their
tickets and some people wish so hard to come at Congress & Expo 2018, but
can't due to many reasons.


that special reasons, Worldchefs has decided to move forward and help Adrian
Vigus-Brown to raise enough money for him to come at the Worldchefs Congress
& Expo 2018 in Malaysia!


Young Chefs are truly the ones to make the world a nicer place to discover new
tastes, new dishes and new ways to cook the right product at the right time!
They are the ones who are feeding the planet and who are going to feed our


Worldchefs is therefore very proud to introduce you

the One & Only Adrian Vigus-Brown


Adrian has a personal message to all of us


Through family
financial circumstances as well as situations beyond my control as the Young
Chefs Ambassador for Africa and Middle East I am not able to personally or
through affiliation finance myself to the upcoming Bill Gallagher Young Chefs
Forum at the Worldchefs Congress & Expo 2018.

This event brings together more than 100 member
countries, industry leaders, culinary enthusiasts and gastronomy fans to learn
and enjoy about culinary trends and innovations.

The forum is an exciting program design for young
chefs. It encompass both a learning experience and the opportunity to create
friendship with fellow colleagues from around the world at varying and vast

The Forum is a great place to start or contribute to
an already successful career. It contributes to young chefs’ success and it
will open up great culinary world for ambitious youngsters who seek to thrive
in the culinary community. As well as provide a global mentorship and skills
sharing programme, it is my duty to not only nurture this, but to stimulate and
contribute to the growth of the chef industry and more importantly to inspire
young chefs to develop to their full potential.

This forum is paramount to the global development of
young chefs as well as it has the opportunity to bring global trends, ideas and
friendships back to South Africa from the congress through the connection of
the South African Young Chefs Club (past chairman) my attendance is vital and

However, this year I am unable to finance myself. Help
me get there by selecting the 'donate' button next to the barometer.


the barometer is not at top yet, Worldchefs is sure with your help it can be
very soon! 

team and members of the association have already helped, so should you?! 





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