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Worldchefs and Electrolux Professional seal a milestone partnership

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France, 18th March 2014

Worldchefs and Electrolux Professional have announced a milestone partnership, aimed at sharing their knowledge and increasing awareness of specific topics related to sustainable cooking.

Combining culinary creativity, talent and experience of the Worldchefs members with the knowledge, technology and proficiency offered by Electrolux Professional, the joint project titled “Art & Science Come Together”, will provide chefs with an essential hands-on experience.

The first project in the pipeline is “Chef2Chef” – a series of seminars created to bring chefs together at the Electrolux Professional Innovation Centers. The Electrolux Professional showrooms are designed and equipped to enable a vast of educational opportunities through different cooking sessions, trainings and demos. The “Chef2Chef” educational training sessions will be focusing on the core themes, such as sustainable cooking, all stages of utilizing locally sourced ingredients, along with premium technology solutions provided by Electrolux Professional, such as the Cook&Chill system. In its first stages, the partnership will focus on four key areas: Dubai, Russia, UK and US, and will feature several annual events in each Innovation Center. Worldchefs looks forward to this partnership and in bringing the beauty of ‘art & science’ in the kitchen to all our chef members globally.

For more information, visit Electrolux Professional website.


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