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Welcome Kyona Mustard Cress

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08th October 2020

Kyona Mustard Cress has a mild mustard flavour with notes of cauliflower. The colour of the cress gives it a playful character.

Kyona Mustard Cress

Kyona Mustard Cress goes well with hearty meats and fish, such as beef tenderloin or skate wing. It also combines well with different cabbages and potato. A mustard soup is only complete after a topping with fresh Kyona Mustard Cress.

A traditional Dutch product which is still cultivated in the Netherlands today. Visitors to the Netherlands often think that the many yellow fields which can be seen in the summer are rapeseed fields. Actually, most of the fields are mustard fields. Mustard is primarily used as a green fertiliser. But the seed is harvested for Koppert Cress and for the mustard industry.

Long Red Mustard

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