Sustainability Education Trainers Meet up

Meet up with the Trainers of the Worldchefs Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals, and learn more about:

  • The goals for 2030 and our current progress
  • Introduction of updated online version of Sustainability Education and the advisors of the course
  • The feedback of our Approved Course Trainers

Sustainability Education Trainers Meet up is a Feed the Planet event hosted by Worldchefs Feed the Planet Committee Chairman, Chris Koetke. The purpose of the meet up is to reconnect with the network of our Approved Trainers, identify the issues they face during the Sustainability Trainings, and discuss new ideas for the project.

This meet up was lead by Chris Koetke together with one of Sustainability Education trainers and course advisors, Shonah Chalmers. During the event, our hosts have identified the goal number of students by 2030 and have shared our progress so far. Moreover, they announced the upcoming launch of Sustainability Education 2.0 at the Worldchefs Congress & Expo Abu Dhabi 2022. Feed the Planet Team will launch the new version in English on our e-learning platform, Worldchefs Academy. Further on, the course will be translated into several different languages to make it more available worldwide.

Moving forward, Shonah introduced the advisors of the new course version. Thus, the advisors shared their thoughts on the course content and their professional experience in the field. The meet up ended with an open forum where everyone could share their progress, struggles, and ideas. Overall, the event was very productive and informative, bringing up many interesting points for the future changes and discussions on the topic of sustainability.

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For more info visit our Sustainability Education Course page.
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