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Worldchefs celebrated International Chefs Day in Moscow with Nestle’s culinary master-class of “Good Nutrition Program”

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Russia, 20th November 2017

November 2017, Moscow: October, 20-th, online educational “Good nutrition program” studio started again at Nestlé. The event was organized in honor of the International Chefs Day that is celebrated around the world at the initiative of the World Association of Chefs’ Societies (Worldchefs).

The first lesson in the new academic year was called “Foods for Healthy Heroes”. Famous Moscow chef Michael Liske hosted the event.

Invited journalists, bloggers, and “Good nutrition program” partners together with the pupils of Moscow school â„– 460 under the guidance of chef cooked tomato tartare and vegetable kebabs with healthy unusual sauce in a special sauceboat. The participants learned how to make child nutrition varied, tasty and healthy. This creative approach to food and cooking process allows children and teenagers to have a fresh eye on the diet and helps family to enjoy healthy lifestyle. Lesson record was posted on the website of “Good nutrition program” Due to this, students and teachers of other regions also were able to learn culinary secrets.

Nestlé federal online educational «Good Nutrition Program» studio started its work in 2016. More than 30 000 pupils from different Russian regions joined it during one year. During the program, children will learn to cook delicious and healthy meals under the guidance of Chef Michael Liske. 5 master classes are planned for this academic year.

Viktor Belyayev, president of national association of chefs, announced the opening of the First competition for young chefs, that will be organized by Nestlé together with Association.

“Good nutrition program” is a program which Nestlé is rightly proud of. During the existence of the program more than 7.5 million pupils have taken part in it. More than a million children from 6 to 14 years-old take part in the program annually. These online lessons give inspiration to many teachers and educators across Russia, because they can take advantage of all the materials of our culinary studio. More and more schools and kindergartens will join our program, and it means the first step to a healthy life. That is our main purpose and pride”, – said Alexandra Makeeva, Head of Nestlé Educational programs.

Nestlé Russia launched the “Good nutrition programme” in 1999 on the initiative of Nestlé Russia company and the Institute of age-specific physiology of the Russian academy of education. For the 18-th year at a row the program has been realized in Russia at the Federal level with a strong support of the local educational departments. The Program is a complex of three modules that are developed for children of 3 different age groups: “Conversation about Good Nutrition” – 6-8 years old, “Two weeks in a Health Summer Camp” – 9-11 years old, “Good Nutrition Formula” – 12-14 year old. A teacher may choose the form of the program realization as well as order and the timing of the topics. The Program takes into account the differences in household income levels by focusing on traditional but healthy Russian food choices. The program contributes to the consumption culture of the growing generation.

Reprinted from Nestlé Russia


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