Norohy | The Vanilla of Chefs

Who we are?

Norohy is an ethical sourcing company, a platform for linking up talent and a discoverer of inspired creations that showcases this outstanding ingredient, from its world-best terroirs to its most delicious culinary iterations. 

It is on the islands of Madagascar and Tahiti that we harvest and process our vanilla pods. These terroirs have been carefully selected because they produce some of the best vanilla in the world. In their perfectly warm, humid climate, the vanilla plants grow and thrive to offer us quality produce. To honor our commitments to transparency and traceability, we rely on teaching, on-the-ground knowledge and certifications wherever we can so that we have a positive impact on the environment and the development of both local communities and their unique skills.

This intensely meaningful and promising marriage has a single vocation: To guarantee cooks, pastry chefs and restaurateurs reliable, ethical high-quality produce that will change the vanilla industry for the better.


+334 75 07 51 51

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