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Cook&Chill and Bread Making Workshop in Dubai

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United Arab Emirates, 22nd August 2014

After a big success back in May, Worldchefs and Electrolux Professional are delighted to invite you to another Chef2Shef seminar in Dubai. This time all eyes are on bread.

Hosted by Electrolux Chef Academy, and led by an amazing team of Chefs: Silvano Costantini from Electrolux Professional & Electrolux Chef Academy in Dubai, and Andy Cuthbert, General Manager of Madinat Jumeirah and Chairman of Worldchefs Young Chefs Development and the Emirates Culinary Guild, the second Chef2Chef seminar will take place on:

Saturday September 27th 2014

09:00 – 16:00

@ International Centre for Culinary Arts  (ICCA) from Dubai

Dress code: Chefs White

RSVP*: Andy Cuthbert: [email protected]

*The number of participants is limited


Focusing on Cook & Chill system, new technology that incorporates an oven and a blast chiller in a single solution, and putting sustainable cooking practices in the forefront, the aim of the workshop is to build on, and extend the range of skills, techniques and knowledge on bread making previously acquired. This session aims to build on current technical practices and create new culinary knowledge, skills, and techniques in the art of bread making combining tradition & modern day cuisine and culinary arts.

Learning outcomes:


On completion of this practical session participants will have acquired the ability to:


  • Explain & demonstrate an understanding of the processes & technics involved in bread making
  • Achieve an excellent result in bread making regardless of the availability of the ingredients using starter dough, Poolish etc.
  • Understand the application of Electrolux Cook&Chill related to all types of bread whether it is continental, middle eastern or Indian bread
  • Improve organization & workflow being able to make & present variety of breads at any required time
  • Extend their range of technical & manipulation skills

Key features and benefits of the Cook & Chill system include: 


  • An optimized work process incorporating the latest technology
  • Higher levels of food safety
  • Reduction in food loss and, ultimately, food waste
  • Higher profitability for the food service operation


For more information on how to sign up, please contact Andy Cuthbert:

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: +971 504592315

P.S. In the meantimeclick hereto take a glance at the previous Chef2Chef seminar held in Dubai.


We are expecting You!


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