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WCWB Americas in Aid 2019 Fundraiser Dinner

Date: March 28, 2019
Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM CET UTC+02
Location: USA / Onsite Event



World Chefs Without Borders (WCWB) is pleased to announce Americas in Aid 2019 will be hosted by the American Culinary Federation (ACF) Tampa Bay Branch in Florida, USA.

As part of the WCWB Chef’s Social Responsibility, the first event will be held on Tuesday March 26, 2019, at St. Vincent de Paul Community Kitchen in Clearwater, Florida.  The second event will be the WCWB Americas in Aid 2019 Fundraiser Dinner on Thursday March 28, 2019 at Fort Harrison Hotel. The funds raised will provide necessary assistance for those in need and requiring disaster aid relief.

Participating WCWB Committee members and Chefs will include Chairman Willment Leong (Thailand), Oliver E. Soe Thet (Myanmar), Mauricio Armendaris (Ecuador), Ray McCue (USA) and Cornelia Volino (Canada).  Worldchefs President Thomas Gugler (Germany) will also be participating in this WCWB initiative.

ACF Tampa Bay Branch President and Worldchefs Military Committee Chairman, Rene Marquis CEC, CCE, CCA, AAC, and ACF Tampa Bay Branch Vice President and Vice Chairman of the International Chefs Day Committee, Vanessa Marquis, CEC, will lead the local team of chefs and volunteers during WCWB Americas in Aid 2019.


WCWB Chairman Willment Leong stated, “Chefs may not be able to change lives, but with our Chef’s Social Responsibility initiative and community outreach participation, we can make a difference. We look forward to supporting the efforts of St. Vincent de Paul Community Kitchen and creating an awareness for the needs of others, in all communities.”

Worldchefs President Thomas Gugler stated, “The efforts of the WCWB Committee are an ongoing inspiration to chefs and cooks around the world. I am proud of WCWB’s accomplishments and the impact they have made worldwide to help those in need and afflicted by natural disasters. I look forward to joining WCWB Americas in Aid 2019and thank ACF Tampa Bay Chapter for hosting these events.”


World Chefs Without Borders (WCWB) is a global humanitarian aid initiative by WORLDCHEFS. Our mission is to support and mobilize our global network of volunteer chefs to undertake initiatives providing education and resources to those in need and afflicted by natural disasters. 


FOR INFORMATION ON WCWB, Contact                                                          FOR WCWB AMERICAS IN AID 2019

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